R & D

Modern Production and Research Tools

As Ecopol, we strive to generate solutions to the problems of the industry with the mindset of “The future belongs to those who invest in research and development”. We focus on innovative thinking to meet the needs of our partners in the best and most efficient way with our expert engineers and modern production tools.

Always Forward

Every innovation may seem impossible until it is realized. However, we know that if you believe in innovation with passion and have a good command of today’s technology, developing innovations that make tomorrow better and easier will be your way of living. The harder the challenge, the bigger the joy of overcoming them. This is what we believe in Ecopol, and which is why each year we invest more and more in R&D activities.

For A Better Future

R&D is not just an essential department for us, it is a culture to embrace. As Ecopol, it is the reason for our existence, which reflects as our countless satisfied customers. In other words, it is the driving power of our success. We use our knowledge and experience to increase this power and focus on efficiency for a sustainable future.

Analysis - Test - Solution

Whatever obstacle we face, we start with determining the root of the problem. With the analysis and testing processes carried out meticulously by our chemists, we concentrate on sustainability from the supply of raw materials to logistics and availability and guide our business partners in the same way. In this regard, Ecopol is not just a chemicals company, but also a pioneer of the industry.

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