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Since 2006 , we have been manufacturing kopolimer, homopolimer , textile auxiliaries, detergent additives and special products for different sectors in our modern plant , built up 40.000 meter square open area and 2600 meter square closed area located in Ηorlu. in Turkey. We are especially of a few companies who have full automatic facilities at Polimer production.

Our production focuses on customer demands for Textile Chemicals , Hygenic products and special requests from different sectors.

Targets such as Quality Inspection , R& D , Logistics Support and Technical Service are reached by qualified employees of Ecopol Kimya AS.

At Quality Inspection Department
   • Checking Raw Materials and finished products
   • Water Analyse
   • Textile Chemical Analyses
   • Analyses of Textile Auxiliaries , performance tests are carried out and reports are presented to clients.

At R&D Department
   • Developing new products
   • Determinig Test Methods
   • Customer satisfaction are our initial targets
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